Nord Stream 2 deal is good sign — Foreign Trade Chamber

Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

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# 22 July 2021 00:49 (UTC +04:00)

An agreement reached between the US and Germany on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is a good sign, German-Russian Foreign Trade Chamber said in its statement released on Wednesday.

"It is a good sign that Washington and Berlin came to terms in their dispute about the Nord Stream 2 and that construction of this gas pipeline, extremely important for Europe, can be brought to fruition," President of the Chamber and OMV CEO Rainer Seele said, cited in the statement. "It is important exactly in challenging times that Russia and Europe implement such landmark projects and that investment security in the European energy sector is provided," he said.

According to results of the poll by the Chamber among German companies operating in Russia, 94% of companies view the Nord Stream 2 as an important and even indispensible project for the long-term energy supply to Europe, while 97% voiced support of its completion and start, the Chamber said. At the same time, natural gas is an important energy resource in conditions of the EU endeavoring for climate neutrality and offers an opportunity to collaborate with Russia in climate protection issues, Seele said. "The Nord Stream 2 offers the best terms for the future, including potential hydrogen supplies," he added.