Arif Rahimov: Damage to F1 Williams team to be paid on insurance

Arif Rahimov: Damage to F1 Williams team to be paid on insurance
# 27 April 2019 13:25 (UTC +04:00)

“Our track is a city circuit and it has over 300 manhole covers. We tightened them all and checked each one a few days before the beginning of the races,” Arif Rahimov, Executive Director of the Baku City Circuit Operations Company, said, ONA reports.

A. Rahimov said that the damage to the Williams team, the car of which hit a loose part of a manhole cover yesterday, will be paid on insurance.

“It was impossible to see the problem visually. The problem was in the lower part; the hooks holding the manhole cover had rusted and, as a result, Williams faced such a bad situation,” said A. Rahimov.

“But such situations happen. We are not the first to face this,” he added.

A. Rahimov said such situations have happened in Monaco, China and Malaysia.

“In other words, this happens not only in city circuits, but also on tracks. Unfortunately, this time we faced this situation. We have several times apologized to Williams. The damage to the team will be paid on insurance. We still do not know what the amount is. But it is clear that the damage will be paid completely.”

“We have checked each manhole cover four times. We have fastened everything possible. This should not happen again,” he said.

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