2 killed, 75 cops hurt, 8 terror-related arrested in Bahrain's clashes: minister

2 killed, 75 cops hurt, 8 terror-related arrested in Bahrain
# 17 February 2013 03:50 (UTC +04:00)

Eight terror-related Bahrainis were arrested "with the cooperation of a fellow brotherly country," Al Khalifa said, admitting that his ministry can confirm recent media reports about the discovery of a Bahraini terror cell linked to Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

"The eight individuals obtained training in weapons and explosives and also received funding from outside Bahrain," he said, adding that further details will be released upon the completion of investigations.

He revealed that the ministry has found different types of weapons used against policemen by rioters, including rebar spears, Molotov cocktails and live fire, and about 19 suspicious objects which were placed in different areas.

The minister urged all Bahraini citizens to denounce violence and to abstain from participating in criminal activities, saying that it is important not to be "sidetracked by the naysayers and saboteurs."

"The solution to our problems requires us to come together rather than stand apart. The future progress of this nation will require a strong commitment from all citizens to avoid engaging in blame games and finger pointing," said the minister.

He also pointed out that the ongoing national dialogue is an opportunity to address the problems the country is facing and to work through these daunting issues by understanding, empathy and consensus.

A total of 27 participants from different political forces, including the main opposition group Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, are in the second round of talks. But Al Menbar Islamic Society decided to quit due to the increase in violent clashes across the country in the past three days, which claimed two lives, including a 16-year-old youth and a policeman.

Earlier on Saturday evening, chaotic continued as a large group of rioters blocked roads, knocked down lampposts, threw stones and iron bars, and poured oil on the roads in Budaiya, said the general director of the Northern Governorate Police said.

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