IAEA Envoy: Istanbul talks is a historic opportunity for west

IAEA Envoy: Istanbul talks is a historic opportunity for west
# 12 January 2011 04:25 (UTC +04:00)
Baku-APA. Speaking to French media on Tuesday, Ali Asghar Soltanieh said that time is not in favor of the other side of the talks, so they should take advantage of such an opportunity promptly, APA reports quoting IRNA.
He added that by installing the first fuel rod, produced by Iran, in Tehran Reactor, Iran’s parliament (Majlis) will probably never authorize the government to do negotiation or dispatch uranium to Turkey, and in this case Iran will continue to produce it.
Soltanieh continued that nuclear weapon has no place in Iran’s defense doctrine and ’we oppose any kind of mass destruction weapons’.
He added that media have a heavy responsibility to illustrate a true and clear image of realities.
He underlined that presented information to public opinion come from European and western news sources and media, which, unfortunately, most of them resort to lies.
Soltanieh said that any move towards producing nuclear weapon is a strategic mistake contrary to Iran’s security and national interests, while enjoying a peaceful nuclear technology, especially uranium enrichment, under supervision of IAEA for peaceful goals is Iran’s inalienable right.
Access to peaceful nuclear technology is a principled right of Iran, he continued, adding that Iran will never ignore its inalienable right in peaceful nuclear technology, which is in coordination with IAEA charter and Iran will never compromise on this issue.
He stressed that compromise in this issue is against Iran’s Constitutional laws..
Iran is among the first countries which joined Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and so far, IAEA has inspected more than 4 thousand day/person of Iran’s nuclear activities and installations.
Iran’s representative to IAEA, by referring to past negotiations with western sides, said that Iran has already negotiated with Group 5+1 in Geneva and has declared that is ready to cooperate on regional and world issues in Istanbul with five atomic powers without any pre-conditions, observing mutual respect.
Answering a question about Iran’s missiles activities, Soltanieh said that Iran’s missile activities are upon international conventions and in direction of national security and are aimed at defence and deterrence.
Concerning uranium enrichment by 20 percent, he said that it is for medical needs of the country adding that because of lack of cooperation and obstruction of west and Europe in the past, Iran was forced to enrich uranium by 20 percent, and ’we were successful in this concern’.
Concerning possibility of Iran’s nuclear installations to be contaminated by ’Stocks net virus’, Soltanieh said,’ I assure you that the virus is not able to affect our activities and in this concern you may refer to the related site of the IAEA.’
The meeting was held in Iran’s ambassador residence in Paris where a number of French media directors and senior reporters were present.