Supreme Court has "made some terrible decisions," Biden says

US President Joe Biden

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# 25 June 2022 19:09 (UTC +04:00)

President Joe Biden acknowledged his administration’s frustration with Friday’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade as he signed bipartisan gun safety legislation that he called "a historic achievement" on Saturday morning, APA report citing CNN.

Biden said the Supreme Court has made certain “terrible decisions” after a week in which the court expanded gun ownership rights while stripping the nationwide right to abortion.

“I think the Supreme Court has made some terrible decisions,” Biden said when questioned whether the court was broken.

Biden has inveighed against the court’s decisions this week on guns and abortion, and has called on voters to respond at the ballot box.

“Yesterday, I spoke about the Supreme Court’s shocking decision striking down Roe v. Wade—we had a lot of discussion in that in our own household,” Biden said. “Jill and I know how painful and devastating a decision it is for so many Americans, and I mean so many Americans. The decision is implemented by states. My administration is going to focus on how they administer it, and whether or not they violate other laws, like deciding not to allow people across state lines to get public health services, and we’re going to take actions to protect women's rights and reproductive health.”

Biden is set to depart the White House for the G7 summit in Germany.