Greenland's opposition wins parliamentary election

# 13 March 2013 18:19 (UTC +04:00)

Baku-APA. Greenlandic opposition party Siumut headed by Aleqa Hammond won Tuesday's parliamentary election and became the biggest party in the parliament of Greenland, paving the way for its chairman to become the first female leader of Greenland, a Danish territory with partial autonomy, APA reports quoting Xinhua.

With all votes counted on early Wednesday morning, Siumut gained 42.8 percent of all votes while the ruling Inuit Ataqatigiit party (IA) lead by incumbent Prime Minister Jakob Kuupik Kleist collected 34.4 percent.

The election was called by Kleist on Jan. 31, 2013, four years after his party came into power. Six parties stood up to fight for 31 seats in the parliament of Greenland this time.

Hammond will present her plans for the upcoming negotiations to form a coalition. If she succeeds to gather enough support, she will come out to be the first female head of the Greenlandic government.

The global warming means hitherto untapped natural resources of Greenland are getting more accessible. Therefore the discussions of exploiting the resources have dominated the election.

Hammond advocates that Greenland needs to ensure its benefits from the natural resources. She requires the mining companies to pay the taxes from the first day when exploiting the natural resources in Greenland.

However, her rival Kleist is favor of attracting foreign investment more easily. He stands for that the mining companies should pay the taxes when they begin to run a profit.

Kleist pushed the legislation, known as the "Large-Scale" law, which gives special rights to foreign companies investing more than five billion Danish kroner (around 872 million U.S. dollars) in big mining projects, to recruit cheap foreign work forces. However, the "Large-Scale" law has not yet been endorsed by the Danish parliament.

Greenland is the world's biggest island with 57,000 inhabitants. A total of 40,588 Greenlanders were eligible to vote for this year's election, while 30,136 of them cast votes on Tuesday.

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