Obama draws criticism over his ’Katrina’

Obama draws criticism over his ’Katrina’
# 28 May 2010 03:24 (UTC +04:00)
Baku-APA. US President Barak Obama is facing increasing criticism over the Gulf of Mexico crisis, which has created an environmental disaster in the past 37 days, APA reports quoting presstv.ir website.

In an article published in Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove, a senior advisor to former US president George W. Bush, compared the situation Obama is facing today to what his predecessor faced during the Katrina disaster in 2005.

"Could this be Mr. Obama’s Katrina? It could be even worse," he opined.

The article comes as Obama’s inability to end the crisis has angered the residents of the area as well as the rest of the country. According a new USA Today/Gallup poll, more than half of Americans are disappointed with the handling of the crisis.

American officials have also expressed dissatisfaction with the issue. Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of Louisiana, has criticized the federal government for the pollution that is endangering the beaches and the environment in his state.

British Petroleum, which operated the offshore drilling rig that exploded on April 20 and led to what could be the biggest environmental disaster in history, has announced a new plan, "top kill," to stop the oil leakage from its subsea well.

Similar plans have been successful in the past but they have never been attempted at such depths.

President Obama, meanwhile, has expressed skepticism about the new plan. "If it’s successful -- and there are no guarantees -- it should greatly reduce or eliminate the flow of oil."