Azerbaijan commemorates 25th anniversary of 20 January tragedy

Azerbaijan commemorates 25th anniversary of 20 January tragedy
# 19 January 2015 21:00 (UTC +04:00)

January 20 was declared in Azerbaijan the Day of National Mourning.

The government officials of Azerbaijan, foreign diplomats, ordinary citizens will visit the Alley of Martyrs where the victims of the January 20 tragedy were buried. The visitors of the Alley of Martyrs will move through the Parliament Avenue.

Baku police will tighten security on January 20. According to the plan of measures prepared by the Interior Ministry, from 8.00 am until the end of the commemoration ceremony, the traffic will be restricted from the intersection of Mikayil Mushfig street and Huseyn Javid avenue, intersection of Mikayil Mushfig circle and Metbuat avenue, Mehdi Huseyn street, the building of Teletheatre, intersection of Izzat Nabiyev and Abbasgulu Abbaszade streets, behind of the Azerbaijani Parliament, toward the Alley of Martyrs.

Baku City State Traffic Police Office asks drivers to use alternative roads.

Azerbaijani embassies, diplomatic missions and communities in foreign countries are organizing different events to attract the attention of the world community to the Bloody January tragedy.

Memory of the victims will be commemorated with a minute of silence at 12.00 Baku time on January 20. Ships, cars and trains will signal. The national flags will be lowered in Azerbaijan as a sign of mourning.

On the night of January 19 to 20, 1990, the Soviet Army attacked Baku and shot down peaceful people. 137 people were killed, 744 wounded and 841 were illegally arrested.

In 1994, the Azerbaijani parliament passed special decision on January 20 tragedy.

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