Water reserves in Azerbaijan's Kur, Araz rivers forecasted to deplete by 20% by end of century

Water reserves in Azerbaijan
# 15 November 2023 16:04 (UTC +04:00)

"Water reserves in Azerbaijan's Kur and Araz rivers might deplete by 20% by the end of century," Project Manager of the UN Development Programme Zaur Aliyev said as he delivered a speech at II Meteorological Forum of the Turkic World, APA reports.

"According to the forecasts, it is expected for water reserves of Kur and Araz rivers and as well as the rivers flowing from the South Caucasus area to deplete by 10% by 2040, 15% by 2041-2070 and 20% by 2071-2098. In the rivers flowing from the Greater Caucasus and the Lankaran-Astara region, it is estimated that the indicators of decrease will be 5, 10, 15 percent for the respective years," he noted.