Azerbaijani researcher finds traces of Amazons in Gala village – PHOTOSESSION

Azerbaijani researcher finds traces of Amazons in Gala village – <font color=red>PHOTOSESSION </font>
# 25 January 2010 16:58 (UTC +04:00)
Baku – APA. Director of Germany-based Azerbaijan Culture Institute named after Nizami Ganjavi, poet Nouride Ateshi claims that the historical land of Amazons is Caucasus, Azerbaijan and mainly Azerbaijan’s Karabakh territory. Ateshi told APA that Moisey Kalankatuklu noted the ancient names of Amazons as Albania, Atropatena and Amazonia. The researcher tries to prove with scientific, archeological, ethnographic and historical facts that Gobustan, which has been included into the UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage, especially cave of Ana Zaga is the only cave of Amazons in the world, Saribash village of Gakh is original village of Amazons, Kerravn mountain, where Amazons lived, was Gervend-Jamishdagi in Karabakh, the name of Amazon derived from the name of ancient Alazan river.
“Turkish historian Osman Kurt claims that Amazons cut the phallus of men as punishment for betrayal, castration appeared in harems after that. Later, phalli made of stones were put on the graves,” she said.
Ateshi noted that she had found out such phallus in an ancient graveyard of Azerbaijan’s Gala village: “At the same time, such phallus has been discovered at the living space of Gala village. However, the grave was destroyed without opening and researching it”. According to Ateshi, these phalluses have no links with sacred places and these are the next enigmatic signs of Amazons in other regions of Azerbaijan, even in Caucasus and Central Asia. She also officially appealed to the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Archeology and Ethnography to fence and protect this important monument in Gala graveyard.
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