Licenses given to educational establishments of foreign countries in Azerbaijan will have term of validity – EXCLUSIVE

Licenses given to educational establishments of foreign countries in Azerbaijan will have term of validity – <font color=red>EXCLUSIVE </font>
# 27 May 2009 10:06 (UTC +04:00)
Chairman of the parliament’s commission for science and education Shamsaddin Hajiyev gave information about the amendments. He said after the draft law passed the second reading in the parliament, they received a number of proposals from Education Ministry, Health Ministry, Finance Ministry, Justice Ministry and parliamentarians. He said though some of the proposals were connected with editing, some resulted in serious amendments in the content.
“The draft law envisaged termless license for all educational establishments. Later we thought that the licenses given to the educational institutions of foreign countries and their branches in Azerbaijan should have concrete term. Licenses are given to the secondary educational establishment for three years and to the higher education institutions for 4 years. We should pay attention whether they prepare specialists in accordance with the standards and laws of Azerbaijan. Education is a strategic sphere. A form of ideological propaganda can be brought to the country under the veil of education. It should be prevented. When the term of license expires, these educational establishments should be inspected,” he said.

Hajiyev reacted to the thoughts that the education law does not meet interests of private schools. “The new law creates real opportunity for legal activities of both private and public schools. The law will not allow the private schools to turn the education to the business. The law considers that material-technical basis and infrastructure of the private schools should be equal and even higher than the public schools. The schools can’t be opened in the first floor or underground floor of rented building”.

The committee chairman didn’t agree with the thoughts that some forces prevented adoption of the law. “I don’t see any forces tackling this law, these are only empty talks”.

He said the draft law was completely ready for third reading. “I guess the draft law will be discussed in June when the spring session is prolonged. There should be separate day of the session to discuss this document. Milli Mejlis authorities consider it purposeful to spend a day to the discussions. The draft law is ready”.