Rental of concert halls and other cultural facilities in Azerbaijan’s capital – STUDY

Rental of concert halls and other cultural facilities in Azerbaijan’s capital – <font color=red> STUDY </font>
# 02 September 2009 10:20 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Ulkar Gasimova – APA. How much do the concert halls and other cultural facilities cost in Baku? APA conducted a study to determine the price of mass events.

The study found out that the rental for mass events and concerts in the cultural facilities and several stadiums is defined by the administration of the place, not by the state. The rental depends on the volume of the electricity, essence of the event and money to be spent on concert.

One-day concert in the overhauled Heydar Aliyev Palace costs AZN 11800. The rental of the palace has increased after the overhaul. One-day concert in the Green Theater Baku Concert Complex also costs AZN 11800. Rental of Rashid Behbudov Song Theater begins from AZN 400. The theater told APA hat a contract is signed with the office or a responsible persons and the price is discussed. The rental of Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater is determined by Culture and Tourism Ministry and is AZN 3000.

One-day concert in Mugham Theater costs AZN 2000. Director of the theater Arif Gaziyev told APA that the price is higher for private organizations.
“We also hold events, commemorative and creative events on our initiative. In this case, rich organizations pay more,” he said.
The study found out that the rental of the Republic Stadium named after Tofig Bahramov is the most expensive.

Average rent for one-day concert in such stadium is 60 000 AZN. Additional rental fee is demanded for rehearsal before the concert at the Tofig Bahramov’s Republican Stadium. The organization of one-day concert at the Heydar Aliyev Sport Concert Center costs averagely 15 000 AZN. It has different rental fees for winter and summer seasons. During the organization of exhibition at the Heydar Aliyev Sport Concert Center, the area of place is also taken into consideration in the determination of rental fee.

The exhibition rooms and galleries in Baku have different prices. It costs 150-500 AZN. Local artists pay 200 AZN, foreigners – 500 AZN for organization of exhibitions at the Vaciha Samadova Gallery of the Azerbaijan Artists Union. This price was increased after the reconstruction of the gallery. One-day exhibition at the Museum Center and Maiden Tower Gallery costs 500 AZN. It costs 300 AZN at the Miniature Art Center, Modern Art Gallery, 200 AZN – at the Absheron Art Gallery, 150 AZN – at the Baku Art Gallery, Art Exhibition Center, Tofig Ismayilov’s Children Art. The rental prices of the exhibition rooms and galleries of the Azerbaijan Artists Union are determined by the union’s management, but private galleries by the owners. Nizami and Azerbaijan cinema houses also have different procedures. The management of the cinema houses learns the essence of the events at first and then specifies the rental fee taken the financial resources to be used into consideration. The public events are free.

APA researched the rental fees in the concert centers and other cultural facilities of the capital city two years ago. And comparison of both researches showed that the prices were increased 20-40 percent. The rental fee for one-day concert at the Green Theater in 2007 was 8000 AZN, Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater – 2500 AZN, Rashid Behboudov’s State Song Theater – 350-400 AZN.
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