Aysel Teymourzadeh: “I thought that Arash would help me, but it was on the contrary”

Aysel Teymourzadeh: “I thought that Arash would help me, but it was on the contrary”
# 25 May 2009 09:19 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Ulkar Gasimova –APA. A two-room apartment in the central part of Baku was presented to Aysel Teymourzadeh, Azerbaijan’s participant at the Eurovision 2009 Song Contest in Moscow. Aysel told APA the contest changed many things in her life and creative work. “My participation at the Eurovision 2009 brought me many successes. I was happy that I won third place among the serious participants and was welcomed by the Azerbaijan’s leadership. I wish to feel that again. I am looking forward to participate at the Eurovision contest next year and to win the first place. Azerbaijan was first among the CIS countries this year. We proved to the world that Azerbaijan music is at a high level”.

Teymourzadeh remembered her performance on Eurovision stage: “The Azerbaijani flags and Azerbaijani viewers encouraged me on the stage. I felt fine on the stage, it was like flying. I am still under the Eurovision impressions. Azerbaijan is still celebrating it. I can’t take to the street, everyone approaches me. I understand their happiness and don’t say “No” them. I want to return to that time. I want to continue these relations for life-time. The people’s love and good relations encourage me. I am happy that I returned from this contest honestly”.

Aysel said she was a student of International Relations School of the Azerbaijan University of Languages. She said she loved her both works. “I couldn’t go to the university on the eve of the contest and I can’t go there now, but I will return to my university soon. I don’t stop the education. I will continue my work of musician and diplomat in parallel. I will not leave both. I will be a singer and diplomat as well. I believe I will be able to do that. I stood the Eurovision’s heavy schedule and I will be able to do that as well”.

Speaking of her duo partner in Eurovision-2009 contest Arash, Aysel Teymurzadeh said they helped each other.
“Arash helped me. Frankly speaking I thought Arash was more experienced than me. I thought I would be excited and Arash would help me on the stage. But to the contrary I calmed Arash. I told him “Don’t worry, imagine that you have already won”. I was not so excited, particularly in the final. I think I was not excited, because I felt the great support of Azerbaijani people. Of course, I learned professionalism from Arash, I became professional working together with him. Arash is a wonderful man, he helped me as a friend. I believe we will always be friends with Arash,” she said.

Aysel and Arash, who represented Azerbaijan in Eurovision-2009 song contest, have already received several proposals. Teymurzadeh said they would participate in the concerts in a number of countries.
“Soon after the contest, we began to receive proposals. We receive concert proposals every day. We will perform and represent Azerbaijan after we make our schedule. I will work hard, record new songs, make clips. My main goal is to represent Azerbaijan abroad. I want everybody to know that I am Azerbaijani,” she said.

Aysel Teymurzadeh also underlined that Turkey’s mega-star Tarkan offered her to give concert.
“This proposal is very valuable for me. Tarkan will give concert on June 7, at that time I will give concert in Moscow together with Arash. I will perform together with Tarkan, if I am offered such a project again. I have also received a proposal from Kenan Dogulu to release an album. I am thinking over the proposal. I highly appreciate every proposal, but the main thing is that the proposal should be appropriate in terms of time,” she said.
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