Dima Bilan: “I see Patricia Kaas and Aysel&Arash as the Eurovision winners” - PHOTOSESSION

Dima Bilan: “I see Patricia Kaas and Aysel&Arash as the Eurovision winners” - <font color=red>PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 14 May 2009 15:51 (UTC +04:00)
- What did the Eurovision 2008 contest change in your life?

-It changed many things. I didn’t know that I had to work so hard after my victory at the contest. I thought that everything would end with the victory, but I have hard worked since the day of my victory. It is more responsible to be a winner than to participate at the contest. I realized it for myself later. The victory had an effect on my life style and my art. I am flying more after the Eurovision 2008. I thought that I would die in the planes.

-What country will win this year?

-There are strong participants in the contest, but I believe two countries will win – French Patricia Kaas and Azerbaijan’s Aysel&Arash. They have super songs and super performances. I am sure that Azerbaijani representatives will be on top five at least.

-Did you meet Aysel and Arash?

-Yes, I did. We were together in NTV studio two days ago. They are super. I say that not for that you are Azerbaijani. It is my objective opinion. They introduce themselves correctly and have good relations with media. They have all things for the victory.

-What countries are there on Dima Bilan’s top five?

- Of course, Russia. Then France, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Norway. These countries have very strong representatives. I name Russia because I am patriot of my country and I want to see it on the top.

-What should the Eurovision participants do to win?

- They have to be modern singers and to attract the audience’s attention because everything depends on its votes. I worked hard to win and achieved it. I won the Eurovision in my second participation at the contest, but I brought the victory to Russia. There are many differences between the last and this year contests. There are many beautiful songs this year and many people think that show is not important here, but everything – song, dance and appearance should be in this contest.

-What do you think about the talks that Eurovision is the political contest?

- There are no politics in this contest. The best performers were qualified for the final in the first semifinal. If there are politics, there will be a weak country among the finalists. This is a choice of audience only.

-You brought victory to Russia and that’s why the contest has been organized in Moscow. Are you satisfied with the organization?

-I have been concerning myself with this work since the preparation process began. I did not believe the contest would be organized so. I am very happy for bringing victory to Russia. Everything is perfect. I am sure this comfortable atmosphere will have positive influence on the performance of the representatives.

-You have just presented your new album…

-I worked much on this album. I named the album “Believe me”, in honor of the song that brought victory to Russia and me. The album has been prepared perfectly. It was of special importance to present the album now. I myself chose the name and the date of the presentation. My recent songs have been included into the album.

-Russian media reports that you will marry. Is it true?

-Quite true. We have not fixed the date of the wedding yet, but I will marry the woman I love. I am very happy. I have no time to think about the wedding, as I have much work. But the wedding will take place.

-What would you say to the singers who will perform in the second semifinal today?

-I wish success to the participants of the contest. They should believe in themselves and work as much as they can. I want the well-deserved man to win the Eurovision-2009. No matter which country it will be. It is a great success to participate in this contest, they should not forget it. Every participant wants to be win, but only one wins. They should do their best to represent their country in this contest, the rest depends on the audience and jury. I watched the first semifinal on television at home. But I will surely come to the final concert.

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