This 8 May:  Free Shusha-ANALYSIS

This 8 May:  Free Shusha-ANALYSIS
# 08 May 2021 12:24 (UTC +04:00)

Despite 29 years pass since the occupation of Shusha by the Armenian Armed Forces on May 8, 1992, this year this date is not marked as occupation day for the first time. This May 8 is different. After 29 years, May 8 is not met with tears, grief, sadness, with feeling of revenge. Today people of Shusha, all Azerbaijanis, all Turkic Islamic world do not burn with longing of Shusha. Because Shusha is not a dream, not longing, not sadness anymore. Because Azerbaijani soldier under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief has reunited Shusha to its relatives, and relatives to Shusha.

Since Shusha occupied by Armenians until its liberation day, the Azerbaijani people have not lost its belief in a single, about rejoining to native Shusha. Namely thanks to this belief, after 29 years rejoined its native city.

After Armenians occupied Shusha, they destroyed historical-cultural monuments in the city, tried to erase Azerbaijani-Turkish identity. However, the Azerbaijani people have never reconciled with the occupation, on November 8, 2020, Shusha was liberated from the occupation, so Azerbaijan won its political, military, and moral victory. The liberation of Shusha has also seriously influenced the fate of the war and the conflict, when Shusha was liberated, Armenia üas obliged to sign the capitulation act.

Azerbaijan demonstrates its uniqueness not only in military operations but also in the reconstruction and restoration of the liberated territories from the occupation.

Today the rapid restoration of Shusha has also been started. In order to ensure flexibility and effectiveness in organizing restoration works, President Ilham Aliyev keeps this issue under his personal control. It is not a coincidence that the first special representative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the liberated territories from the occupation, has been appointed namely to Shusha.

Shusha has an exceptional moral value for the people of Azerbaijan. So, this makes it important that Shusha city must be approached with special care and sensitivity.

Foreign journalists visiting Shusha in the 70s of the last century was noting that Shusha is the abode of monuments. President Haydar Aliyev was also giving great importance to the Shusha city. Haydar Aliyev has repeatedly noted that

“There is not Karabakh without Shusha, and Azerbaijan without Karabakh”. President, Supreme Commander in chief Ilham Aliyev has also announced during the Patriotic War that Without Shusha, our righteous work would be incomplete. These statements were the main sign that Azerbaijan will not reconcile with the occupation of Shusha.

Shusha differs significantly both in its geographical location and in its historical and cultural opportunities. Shusha is not only a place of strategic importance as a major settlement demonstrating Azerbaijan's sovereign right over Nagorno-Karabakh, at the same time, it is also the cradle of culture, a city where many outstanding artists, musicians, architects, painters and writers, personalities who have made great contributions to the world cultural treasury grew up. Another important point should be noted that President Ilham Aliyev has signed an Order on May 7 declaring Shusha city as the cultural capital of Azerbaijan.

Shusha, which was considered a city of historical, cultural, and strategic importance in Azerbaijan starting from the second half of the XVIII century, will be called the cultural capital of our country.

The head of state has noted in his Order that he took this step in order to restore the historical view of Shusha city, in order to regain its former glory and regain its traditional rich cultural life, as well as to promote in the international arena as a shining pearl of Azerbaijan's rich culture, architecture and urban planning.

Declaring Shusha a cultural center, which once was called “Small Paris”, “Caucasus art temple”, “cradle of Azerbaijani music” and “Conservatory of East”, was a homeland of a number of prominent figures who have made significant contributions to the socio-political life of Azerbaijan, as well as the historical and cultural center and the crown of Karabakh” has of great importance.

Today, Azerbaijan no longer celebrates May 8 as an occupation day. Since the years passed from 1992, May 8 has a different meaning for Azerbaijan. As President Ilham Aliyev says, today, Shusha is free! We have returned to Shusha! We will revive Shusha!

Shusha is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!