“National minority card” against Azerbaijan: Separatists do not give up from their failed plans-ANALYSIS

“National minority card” against Azerbaijan: Separatists do not give up from their failed plans-ANALYSIS
# 13 April 2022 14:45 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan’s being a multinational, multi-religious country has always had a special place in plans of separatist centers and circles against our country. They have always thought that they will be able to realize a policy of dividing Azerbaijan by sowing discord among representatives of different nations and establishing confrontations among religions. However, the realization of the policy, which has lasted for centuries, has not been possible. Because Azerbaijan is a multinational and multi-religious country, which has been established on basis of traditional tolerance, harmonic co-existence of different ethnic and religious groups, in which a wise national policy is pursued.

Multicultural, multiethnic heritage

No problem has been experienced regarding national minorities, as the right of representation of each nation living in Azerbaijan is protected within the framework of the Constitution.

National minorities make up 12.4% of the population of the country. The main point is that Azerbaijani laws give provision for equity of rights and freedoms of all, regardless of their origin, nationality, religion, and language.

All nations in the country have historically lived in peaceful conditions and still live so. As Azerbaijan has been a unique multinational society along with its history, the multicultural, multiethnic heritage is maintained today too.

Declaration of 2016 as the “Year of Multiculturalism” in Azerbaijan by President Ilham Aliyev is not a coincidence in this regard and it has a deep history.

However, some centers, as well as Armenian circles do not give up an intention of creating of conflicts on the national ethnic grounds and causing disorders. Analyses and observations of the recent years allow saying that the “national minority card” is used by destructive forces as a tool for this time.

Centers, which are distinguished for their enemy positions after Azerbaijan’s bright victory in the Karabakh War II too, can not accept the unity of nations living in our country.

Although plans in this direction have failed during the war, “activations” of these centers are observed abroad in the Republic in the direction of the establishment of confrontations on the national ground from time to time.

Who is the target this time?

This time the target is ethnic minorities living in the north of our country. Throughout history, those peoples who settled in the north-eastern regions of Azerbaijan, have never had a conflict with the Azerbaijani Turks. Although many international organizations have praised the existing situation in Azerbaijan on this issue, the “old mill” is working. Mass media, especially regarding Armenia and operating in Russia exaggerate the issue of the minority peoples in our country and try to raise against the government. But, those circles with weak analytical conclusions must understand that neither the country is a country in the 90s, nor the government is the same government. The most important is that all people living in our republic have gathered as a single fist and are closely united around the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

Cooperation of “Sadval, representing separatist Lezgins, with Armenians

The terrorist acts committed by the terrorist organization Sadval, which was established in Dagestan and unites separatists, in the Baku metro, and the fact that 17 of their members were trained in the Lusaker settlement of Nairi region of Armenia to commit terrorism in Azerbaijan are indisputable facts. The value that unites both Armenian and Lezgins separatists is nonsense "dreams" that never seem real. Armenians have “united” around the idea to create the second Armenian state in Karabakh and separatist Lezgins circles to create a so-called state in the north of the country.

But Azerbaijan’s glorious victory in the Patriotic war has created new realities in our country, alongside knocking out the forces dreaming of separatism in the republic and abroad. At the same time, the active participation of the representatives of the national minority living compactly in our north region in the Patriotic War has put the separatist forces face to face with a desperate situation. During 44 days of the war, criminal and separatist elements calling themselves “leaders” on the internet platforms broadcasting from Armenia, different countries, especially from Russia, have called the representatives of the minority peoples with the clear text to stand up and support the Armenians. While the country was at war, there were calls for armed resistance. Despite all attempts, forces trying to sow the seeds of separatism in Azerbaijan have faced a shameful defeat.

Ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan have always been the guardians of statehood

As mentioned above, the failure of separatism in Azerbaijan is not accidental. Historically, brilliant representatives of the Lezgi people, intellectuals, and elders have shown unity in solving the fateful issues of Azerbaijan. Along with the Azerbaijani Turkic ethnos, which played a very important role in the formation of the Azerbaijani people, other people living in this area - Avars, Lezgians, Talysh, Tats, Gyryz, Buduks, and others have played an honorable role in the glorious history of our country. The ancestors of these ethnic groups took an active part in the fight against the genocide of Armenian executioners against Azerbaijani Muslims. It was our Lezgi brothers who prevented the gangs of Amazasp in the area called "Bloody Valley" near the village of Digah, between Gusar and Guba, and captured the Armenians. This proves once again that Armenian nationalists are also enemies of other Muslim nations. With the active participation of Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev, one of the leaders of the people's movement in Dagestan, Imam Gaysinsky, arrived in Bilajari on horseback with 300-500 fighters to help the Muslim brothers in Baku, as well as the Lezgins.

The 44-day war was a clear example of how all peoples, including the Lezgins, stood by the Azerbaijani state. Therefore, we would advise anti-Azerbaijani circles and separatist centers to refrain from their intentions and plans, which will already fail. As before, it will not be taken again. Because the Azerbaijani state embraces every citizen who obeys the law and the Constitution - regardless of nationality, religion, language ... The fate of separatism and separatists is known to everyone - a 44-day war!...

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