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# 10 February 2022 17:31 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan’s glorious Victory in the 44 days of the Patriotic War led to the beginning of new geopolitical processes in the South Caucasus and a new era in the history of the region. Now all the processes in the region are going on under the undoubted leadership and dictation of Azerbaijan. After the Second Karabakh war, the signing of the peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia may pave the way to the security environment in the region, sustainable stability, and favorable conditions for peace in the region.

Delimitation and demarcation of the borders between two countries at first, including the establishment of a new format of cooperation between the regional countries and the creation of the Zangazur corridor, are the main conditions for the realization of the many projects. Determination of borders is an extremely important process, and is the number one issue for insuring against future conflicts that may occur in the border territories between the countries and for mutual cooperation. However, for some reason, this process worries Armenians more than the liberation of Azerbaijani lands, which they kept under occupation for many years.

The main issues reflected in the next statement signed during the trilateral meeting in Sochi on November 25 of the previous year were the removal of the transportation links from the blockade and the establishment of the bilateral commission on the determination of the state border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The resolution of the issues mentioned in the statement, in particular the delimitation and demarcation of the state border, is an important preparatory stage for the signing of a peace agreement.

Although Azerbaijan is fully determined to fulfill its obligations, Armenia purposefully delays the resolution of these issues. Although the Armenian officials make a different statement of a conciliatory nature, when it comes to implementing the work, Armenia avoids various excuses. Even after the bitter defeat in the war, the Armenian Diaspora in the US and France, as well as some hatred forces in Armenia continue to poison the view of their compatriots and do not want to give up the revanchist feelings.

The reason why the border clarifications have not been realized so far is Yerevan’s non-constructive position, not digesting the real situation that was formed in the region, and living with the utopian ideas as the status of the so-called "NKR" with the help of international institutions, especially the OSCE Minsk Group. Over the past period, the incidents that have occurred at the border have emerged entirely due to Armenia’s inadequate acts. Commission on delimitation and demarcation of the state borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan have not been yet established.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has announced that although we are ready to sign a peace agreement with Armenia, the official reaction is not given by them: “The information that we got through unofficial channels is that Armenia is not ready for this. I consider that this will be a very big mistake. Just as on the eve of the war and during the war, the Armenian side made big mistakes and committed military crimes. This may be another big mistake”.

International organizations and different interested countries express their support for signing a peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia and determination of border just in words, not putting any serious pressure on Armenia for it also cause the issue’s coming to a dead end.

After the provision of landmine maps of territories, liberated from occupation, at the exchange of Azerbaijan’s handing over Armenian servicemen and civilians to the Armenian side, as a clear example of loyalty to humanism principles, detained by the Azerbaijani side, involvement those persons, who returned to Armenia, in investigation and subjection to imprisonment, and misappropriation of a significant part of provided landmine maps once more show Armenia’s real intention in these processes. Moreover, Armenia’s refusal from its obligation on the provision of information about missing Azerbaijani citizens from the First Karabakh War and place of massive cemeteries, where they were buried, to the Azerbaijani side at the quadrilateral meeting of Presidents of the Republics of France and Azerbaijan, President of the Council of Europe, and Armenian Prime Minister in a video format on February 4 this year found out real Armenian trait.

Despite all of the above-mentioned cases, Armenia and some foreign forces, which want to damage peace in the region, should understand new reality in the region, avoid revanchist dreams, perceive the inevitability of implementation of delimitation and demarcation of borders unconditionally, sign a peace agreement, following trilateral statements and other agreements among the sides. Although Armenian leadership wants to prevent the progress of the determination process of borders in any way, to delay the process, they should not forget that they are obliged to implement the signed capitulation act and other relevant documents until the last article.

It is necessary to remind words, said by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in this regard a while ago: “I have said, our benevolent behavior does not have to be eternal, these suggestions do not have to be on table permanently. If they do not want to recognize our territorial integrity, then we will not recognize their territorial integrity either. We have perhaps a hundred times more grounds not to recognize the territorial integrity of Armenia, than their not recognizing our territorial integrity…”

Armenia’s avoiding signing a peace agreement with different excuses means not recognizing Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, borders. It means that Armenia refuses to co-existence with Azerbaijan in the condition of a kind neighborhood and peace. New adventures of the defeated country may lead to its complete decline. If Armenia, whose economy is in a poor condition and remains without an army, refuses a peace agreement, the loser will be itself. Armenia should not forget that Azerbaijani Army that destroyed their “invincibility” myth, is always ready to re-demonstrate its power!

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