Armenia continues “mine terror”-ANALYSIS

Armenia continues “mine terror”-ANALYSIS
# 09 December 2021 18:18 (UTC +04:00)

Armenia continues “mine terror”. As a result of mine explosion in the Dashalti village of Shusha today, 2 civilians died. There are noteworthy points in the statement issued by the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan regarding the incident. The statement noted that according to the preliminary investigations conducted by ANAMA, the incident occurred as a result of a surprise mine explosion planted by the enemy. Placing an anti-tank mine under an anti-personnel mine causes a stronger explosion and in its turn leads to the death of those who stepped on a mine. Such a kind of surprise once again is a clear example of a terrorist intention of the Armenian side.

It seems that the enemy continues the secret war against Azerbaijan. Such kinds of “surprise mines” are usually used in diversion, terrorist acts and it is a clear example of terrorism intention of the Armenian side. Armenia presented mine maps of the other liberated territories of Azerbaijan to Baku last week. However, today’s incident once again confirms that these maps are inaccurate and that Armenia is not behaving honestly. Chairman of the Board of ANAMA Vugar Suleymanov said in his statement regarding mine maps provided by Armenia that usually the coordinates of territory, types of the planted mines, their number, distance, information about burial and concealment rules are mentioned in formulars of minefields: “However, I would like to say that preliminary acquaintance with the formulars, gives an impression that they are unreliable, useless and inaccurate. As it is known, in order to avoid responsibility in the relevant international court proceedings the Armenian side claims that formulars covering all minefields have been issued. However, we have serious concerns about whether the formulars provided by Armenia cover all the liberated territories or not.”

As it is shown, the concern of the head of ANAMA was not in vain, two more innocent civilians have been killed as a result of Armenia’s “mine terrorism” today.
It was announced earlier that specification of information, submitted by Armenia on mined areas on Aghdam, Fuzuli, and Zangilan districts made up 25%. It seems that Armenia continues its insincere, enemy behavior.

Yerevan does not respect international law either with this activity. Armenia grossly violates Yerevan does not respect international law either with this activity. Armenia grossly violates Geneva Conventions “On Protection of War Victims” dated August 12, 1949, and Second Protocol of Convention dated October 10, 1980 “On Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May Be Deemed to Be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects”. Articles of UN Convention dated 1999 “On Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction” are also violated by Armenia. According to the mentioned Convention, conflict parties take an obligation on submission of maps of areas, which will be cleaned from mines, on non-use of anti-personnel mines. We should stress that Armenian military-political leadership demonstrated disrespect to all laws. Mines were so planted in occupied territories that (anti-tank mine at the bottom, anti-personnel mine at the top) person who stepped on mine is unlikely to survive during the incident. The purpose of the combination is also an increase of wave of explosion maximum to cause more casualties.

Armenia also mined non-military areas in the occupied territories, only the fact itself indicates the terrorist trait of Armenia. The problem is also that Armenia has not signed a peace treaty with Azerbaijan so far. Azerbaijan gained a victory, restored its territorial integrity, but Yerevan refuses to sign a peace treaty with different excuses. Armenia, which had to reconcile with the shameful defeat by signing the Capitulation act, resorts to provocations in the issue of landmine maps now.

Both during the occupation and after the 44-day of Patriotic war, the occupiers did not give up such provocations. In fact, it would be naive to expect another thing from the enemy in fascist thought. On the other side, as we are well aware of Armenia's terrorist trait, even if we are provided with a map from the other side, it is impossible to believe and rely on this. Because there were many mined areas in the 1990s, during the ceasefire, Armenians have enlarged the scale of this work more. Now, it is doubtful that how much the presented maps will be real and how much those, who prepared these documents, are professional. This is not a new policy.

During all governments in Armenia, from Khojali and to the bombing of Ganja and Barda- innocent people and civilians have always been targeted. Generally, the national ideology of Armenia has been built on terrorism and contempt against Turkey and Azerbaijan. Inaccurate maps, setting of anti-tank mine "traps" in the forests - in the territory where the heavy machinery does not pass, setting of "mine-surprises" increasing the death possibility- all of these once more prove that Armenia carries out "mine terrorism" at the state level. But, despite the attempts of the Armenian side, Azerbaijan will clear of its territories from the mines and will turn lands, liberated from the occupation, make the liberated lands safe and usable.

Azerbaijan rightfully expects more active support from international organizations in demining its territories. Although Azerbaijan has established a special Agency for this, it carries out clearance works in the liberated territories from the occupation with the support of countries like Russia and Turkey, but in this issue, there will be political and practical support of the international community in this issue and they should fulfill their commitments regarding the humanitarian issues.

Armenia's steps regarding the mine issues show that it did not give up hostile intention, one of its main purposes is to achieve the death of more civilians, to interfere liberation of peaceful life in the liberated territories from the occupation, and return of people to their homeland, and not to allow the elimination of the military tension in the region. Just as Azerbaijan liberated its lands from occupation, it will be able to clear them from the mines of the enemy, it will achieve this. Armenia, on the other hand, must give up its terrorist intentions as long as it is not too late and focus its efforts on creating a secure, prosperous and stable region.