A great innovation in Azerbaijan Advertising Market: Weather-based Advertising - PHOTO - VİDEO

A great innovation in Azerbaijan Advertising Market: Weather-based Advertising - PHOTO - VİDEO
# 10 September 2019 17:08 (UTC +04:00)

According to world studies, consumers pay attention and consider the most useful and attractive information about the state of roads during peak hours, as well as weather forecast, the Company told APA.

Taking these factors into account, advertising agencies and digital platform developers create creative and original advertising that meets the needs and interests of consumers. As a result, it becomes easier to attract the attention of the target audience and convey the meaning of the message in real-time.

For the first time in the advertising industry of Azerbaijan, a digital, innovative form of advertising was developed for the world-famous brand Coca-Cola, using weather targeting.

Relatively recently, on monitors in the center of the capital, started appearing video ads of Coca-Cola brand, informing residents of the capital about the increase in air temperature and other parameters of the weather forecast.

In the Azerbaijan advertising market, for the first time, this type of targeting in outdoor advertising offers the Adviad platform. Adviad is a programmatic advertising platform that allows distributing advertising messages simultaneously on all digital resources connected to the platform. In addition to local websites, the platform is integrated ad placement at Facebook, Instagram, Google, as well as monitors, in shopping centers, transport, and in the city, which are connected to the Internet.

Universal McCann Azerbaijan, the first advertising agency to offer and implement the capabilities of the Adviad platform, for Coca-Cola, in Azerbaijan. Coca-Cola is famous for its creative, strategic and innovative approach in the advertising world, and therefore the initiative of the Agency was accepted with great interest. The goal of the campaign was to inform the consumer that the Coca-Cola product should be drunk chilled because only at a certain temperature, the drink becomes tastier.

What solution was proposed and how was this project implemented?

The agency prepared a video clip, which integrated the advertising message "Tastes better when cold" and the weather forecast in real-time. The video was placed on the monitors, buses and LED monitors in the city center, with the air temperature above 26° C, the advertising message appeared simultaneously on all planned media, thus offering consumers to cool down and refresh in the heat, with the help of their favorite drink.

According to preliminary estimates, the total coverage will be over 36,000 people. This is not the limit. This result illustrates the great prospects of the Adviad platform in the field of digital outdoor advertising. Thanks to the capabilities of this platform, advertisers will benefit from the opportunity to deliver advertising messages to consumers "here and now" (at the right time, in the right place), thus stimulating demand and sales.

Details of the platform and its capabilities can be found on the official website at www.adviad.com or by calling +994 55 511 01 54.

The Adviad platform started in April 2019. The main purpose of the platform is to facilitate the work of agencies and brands by combining many advertising channels in a single dashboard. Director of the company Rasim Davudov has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and is also the CEO of New Media, the leading digital agency in Azerbaijan.

Universal McCann Azerbaijan was established in 2011 and is a leader among large network media agencies in the Azerbaijani market. It provides all types of media services. The client portfolio includes Coca-Cola, Unilever, Toyota, Dogadan, PINAR, and other global and local brands. Address of the company:

Address: UM Azerbaijan, Passage 1901, 12/14 N. Rafibayli street, Baku, AZ 1001, T: +99412 492 35 35