Russian political analyst: “Azerbaijan's admission to the Customs Union is not regarded as an urgent issue in Moscow”

Russian political analyst: “Azerbaijan
# 07 December 2013 12:36 (UTC +04:00)

Moscow. Farid Akberov – APA. “Armenia is Russia's outpost,” said Alexander Gusev, the head of the Center of Strategic Development of the CIS Countries under the Europe Institute of the RAS at a Yerevan-Moscow space bridge organized by RIA Novosti news agency, APA's Moscow correspondent reports. He said that Russia regards Armenia as its outpost: “Armenia can live in security, at least until 2044. Deployment term of the Russian troops in Armenia will expire in 2044.”

Following the Russian President's visit to Yerevan, Armenian political analysts said that they expect political and economic support from Moscow. Armenian expert Aram Safarian noted that the facts like Putin's visit to Gyumri, the contracts signed, price of gas sold to Armenia by Russia can be called political success for Yerevan: “However, we have more expectations. We have great expectations from the Customs Union. We want the Georgian-Abkhazian railway between Russia and Armenia to be restored, after joining the Customs Union. As its continuation, we will construct a bridge between the world and Customs Union by building a railroad between Iran and Armenia. Thus Armenia will become a transport hub.”


“Russia doesn’t pursue a policy of provocation against Azerbaijan. We don’t observe any sanctions or threats. Even there are no active or passive discussions on Azerbaijan in Russia. Azerbaijan's position is clear. Azerbaijan is pursuing a policy according to its national interests, sees itself both in Europe and the CIS. However, Armenia regards itself as Russia's most reliable military-political ally. As a result of it Russia-Armenia friendship is more emphasized,” said Director of the Caspian Cooperation Institute, political analyst Sergei Mikheyev addressing a Moscow-Baku space bridge dedicated to Russia-Azerbaijan relations.

He noted that Russia doesn’t consider Azerbaijan as a candidate for the Customs Union in the near future: “Baku has only been proposed to join the Customs Union. No pressure, threat or something like that has been observed in the form of sanctions. No member country of the Customs Union, including Russia uses this method. Azerbaijan's admission to the Customs Union is not regarded as an urgent issue in Moscow. The decision passed by Azerbaijan at Vilnius summit was the most rational and optimal decision. Most countries take Azerbaijan as an example. Baku’s economy-oriented policy is known. It should be understood that Europe-oriented foreign policy and trade with Europe is not the same thing. Generally, there are very balanced relations between Azerbaijan and the European Union. I would like this balanced policy to be further continued. Therefore, the West tries to politicize the issue everywhere. I think that Europe is exerting pressure on Azerbaijan’s foreign and internal policy. If Azerbaijan continues to pursue this balanced policy, it will be in favor of both parties.”