Pakistan allocates humanitarian aid to Afghanistan amounted to USD 30 mln.

Ambassador of Pakistan to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee

© APA | Ambassador of Pakistan to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee

# 16 December 2021 16:08 (UTC +04:00)

By withdrawing international forces from Afghanistan in August, aids to this country have been suspended, and Afghan people have faced a crisis, said Pakistan’s ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee, APA reports.

The diplomat noted that according to the international reports if there is no international aid, big economic crisis awaits Afganistan: “More than half of population in this country is face to face with starvation. Months ahead are very important. If there is no humanitarian aid, mass migration from this country may begin or there may be numerous deaths. If there is no international aid to Afgan people, more people will die in this country than in those who died in the war so far. If countries do not prevent this crisis, this will be crisis for the world,” the diplomat stressed.

The ambassador noted that extraordinary meeting of OIC will be held in Islamabad on December 19. Foreign Ministers from OIC countries will attend this meetig.

“No one speaks about recognizing system in Afghanistan, the issue that we attached attention to is a humanitarian issue, is to save life of innocent people. Islamabad will host this meeting. This idea has come from Saudi Arabia. Because Pakistan is on the border with Afghanistan. It is the 17th extraordinary meeting of OIC. The first meeting was also about Afghanistan. Years passed we are still discussing Afghanistan. It is a collective responsibility.”

The ambassador stated that Pakistan has allocated humanitarian aid amounted to USD 30 mln. to Afghanistan so far.