Chair of Azerbaijan's Milli Majlis speaks with Ambassador of Israel to Azerbaijan

Chair of Azerbaijan
# 28 December 2022 17:08 (UTC +04:00)

Chair of the Milli Majlis Sahiba Gafarova had a conversation with Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Azerbaijan George Deek on 28 December, APA reports.

The greetings to the guest were followed by Mrs Gafarova saying that their meeting within the parliamentary walls was the second one. She proceeded to praise the work done by the Israeli ambassador.

An act on opening the Israeli embassy in Baku was passed into law on 18 November this year, and the decision of Azerbaijan to install an embassy in Israel will make stronger yet the ties of friendship bonding the two states whose diplomatic relations had turned thirty years earlier in 2022, Mrs Gafarova continued. The leader of the Azerbaijani legislature added that the bilateral co-operation resting on shared confidence and support had been developing robustly all those years and in diverse areas, too, not in a small way due to the exceptional prodding it had received from high-status visits and meetings.

One of the crucial factors worthy of a mention in the context of the Azerbaijani-Israeli relations is represented by people-to-people contacts. Jews and Azerbaijanis have lived in peace, friendship and mutual understanding in this country for centuries on end – and they continue doing so now. The Azerbaijani Diaspora of Israel – our compatriots of Jewish descent – are contributing to the advancement of the bi-partite connexions equally generously.

Sahiba Gafarova addressed the topic of inter-parliamentary relations as well. There are fine opportunities to continue expanding them, in her opinion. Both legislatures had had friendship groups in action up till the latest parliamentary ballot in Israel. Those groups had been bridging their respective legislatures through periodical contacts, dialoguing and exchange of opinions. Sahiba Gafarova said then that she hoped that the new Israeli parliament was going to put together a friendship group for Azerbaijan as well and that the existing bonds would continue expanding.

The subject of the current state of affairs in our region was brought up as well, with Mrs Gafarova saying that Azerbaijan had made her national territory whole again with the 44 days’ Patriotic War. Azerbaijan had thus freed her lands subjected to pillaging of their natural wealth, illegal development of mineral deposits and the ecological terrorism that had dealt the natural environment of those parts a serious blow throughout those thirty years of occupation. It is regrettable that Armenia continues the outrage today: the mineral deposits of that part of the territory of Azerbaijan where the Russian peace-making force is deployed temporarily are being abused by Armenia and the loot is transported to that state along the Lachin Road.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Azerbaijan George Deek thanked for the warm welcome he’d been given and remembered that since his ambassial tenure in our country had begun in October 2020 he had been at the Milli Majlis and talked to Speaker Sahiba Gafarova in the days of the Patriotic War. Why, Azerbaijan’s dreams are fulfilled, both of freeing her lands and stationing a diplomatic outpost in Israel. The passing of a law on opening the Azerbaijani embassy in Israel with the unanimous support of the MPs is praise-worthy, said Mr Deek before thanking all the members of the Milli Majlis and pointing out that that move had been greatly appreciated in Israel. The president of Israel had rung up the Azerbaijani counterpart on the occasion, Mr Deek continued. There was a phone conversation between the ministers of foreign affairs as well. Congratulations were offered during parliamentary debates whilst the Israeli public reacted to that question very positively.

Our ties are not limited to inter-governmental contacts; rather, there is a fine linkage amongst our nations too. Yes, it is correct that the diplomatic relations were established thirty years ago but the history of bilateral interaction has a much longer track record, according to the Israeli ambassador.

The inter-parliamentary relations are advancing as well. The Knesset is in receipt of numerous applications for seats in the new line-up of the friendship group on Azerbaijan.

According to Mr Deek, he can safely say he has been to all our de-occupied provinces and familiarised himself first-hand with the work done in the village of Aghali – and it left a tremendous impression on him.

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