ISESCO Director General: “Baku Forum can be a new beginning for intercultural dialogue in the world”

ISESCO Director General: “Baku Forum can be a new beginning for intercultural dialogue in the world”
# 07 April 2011 10:29 (UTC +04:00)
Altwaijri said organizing intercultural dialogue and diversity and bringing people together are priorities of ISESCO and this Forum can be a new beginning in this field. “This Forum can be a new beginning for intercultural dialogue”. The Director General said they were working for realization of such events in the local forms in the regions from time to time and bringing the scientists and artists together in these events.

UNESCO Assistant Director General for Strategic Planning Hans d’Orville said holding this forum is in UNESCO’s direct interest. He said UNESCO Director General couldn’t join the event because of heavy working schedule. Delivering greetings from the Director General, Hans d‘Orville said UNESCO was organizing similar events in different countries. “We have to work for achievement of diversity. It can play a serious role in prevention of confrontations, particularly prevention of national and ethnic confrontations and Islamophobia. Azerbaijan is located in the crossroad of the West and East, crossroad of civilizations. Common view makes us to see this country as the place of diversity and intercultural dialogue. It is possible to continue this dialogue started in Azerbaijan in the level of different forums in other countries. First source for the diversity is a family. The process begins with family and education”.

Hans D’Orville said there is a need to carry out these activities in the field of education.
“UNESCO has some plans to involve the youth in the extension of the dialogue,” he said.
Noting that carrying out activities at schools concerning religious and national tolerance is one of the UNESCO’s priorities, Hans D’Orville added that the organization and art figures should be invited to such events, discrepancies, confrontations should be eliminated through art.
“We consider it necessary to hold the forum of art figures,” he said.

Director of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Secretariat Marc Scheuer called holding such an event in Baku as important.
Marc Scheuer noted that the main slogan of the alliance is: “Breaking down walls, building bridges”.
Marc Scheuer said one should not be afraid of diversities in the modern world. Noting the importance of increasing such events, Scheuer underlined that diversity is the lifestyle of the people in the globalizing world.
“The young people are not afraid of diversity. It should be increased. We should particularly pay attention to the issues on human rights. Not only states should deal with it, but also individuals should make efforts for it. We should also ensure understanding among the civil societies,” he said.
Marc Scheuer considers that mass media has a serious role in this, the opportunity given by media is a very good chance to ensure diversity and increase national tolerance. Calling art a good opportunity the organization’s official said this issue should also be envisaged in the education system.

Underlining the importance of the event president of Crans Montana Forum Jean-Paul Carteron called scientists to be active in the discussions.
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