Azerbaijani parliamentarian advises to his Iranian counterpart: “May be you have to see that enemies of Azerbaijan are close friends of Iran!” – INTERVIEW

Azerbaijani parliamentarian advises to his Iranian counterpart: “May be you have to see that enemies of Azerbaijan are close friends of Iran!” – <font color=red>INTERVIEW </font>
# 11 January 2011 16:14 (UTC +04:00)
- Azerbaijani President’s address on New Year and World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day caused concern of some analysts and parliamentarians in Iran...

- First of all, New Year messages of the presidents become a tradition. These messages are assessment of last year outcomes and expression of wishes for next years. Eve of the New Year in Azerbaijan is remarkable because of the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day as well. President Ilham Aliyev’s message this year described leading tendencies of the country’s life and called on all of Azerbaijanis over the world to unite around the united Azerbaijan. The President said the state of Azerbaijan would defend all of our compatriots in the world and called on them to be active in social-political life of the countries where they live. Undoubtedly, this is mobilizing position. Uniting of all resources for the interests of Azerbaijan is not only normal wish, but also constitutional authority of the head of state. But it is very strangely that some forces in Iran show irritating reactions in their attitude to this address.

- What do you think why some Iranian political scientists and analysts became anxious?

- Those, who try to distort rundown of the Azerbaijani President’s address, show what concern them indeed. Statements by the Iranian ex-governors, different TV commentators and chairman of the security committee of Iranian parliament showed that the people have “common idea” in this “free” country and it also showed the scale of “public protests”. The world Azerbaijanis saw that solidarity of one nation can cause political failure of other country. Of course, we don’t research opportunities of the persons, who are forming public opinion in the neighbor country, to make independent decisions. Otherwise we would give mistaken arguments to the opposite side that we are representatives of the world’s anti-Iran movement. We don’t need in that. It is difficult to say whether Iranian President’s New Year message became an important event in the country’s life or not and what importance it has for determination of future of his people. Our Iranian friends should leave their analyses, which attempt to find elements of territorial claims in the Azerbaijani President’s address. Recently Iranian President used good epithets about Ilham Aliyev in Turkey. Therefore thesis of speeches serving the goals to damage unity of Iranian citizens around this state’s ideology should rest against other argument.

- How do you think what causes these anxieties?

- It is clear that reasons causing this anxiety have other goals. Those, who take anti-Azerbaijan position under the instruction of evident forces in Iranian elite and search threats against their country in Azerbaijan’s foreign policy, become anxious because of reality of powerful and free Azerbaijan. There is no doubt that the reality is Azerbaijan’s turning into geopolitical and geo-economic factor. They have broken power of our nation, who lived with the purpose of establishing an independent country and prevented them from common targets.
If the organizing and assembling of great nation living in the world takes place, it is just real reason of anxieties that they can’t say it in public.

- How are such statements by some Iranian forces and close relations between this country and Armenia related to each other?

- If Mahmud Ahmadinejad had appealed to the world and Iranian Azerbaijanis and noted them that his country is a trust for them, we would not have been restless on it. If only Iranian leadership conduct all the relevant measures for it and show its solidarity to the world Azerbaijanis in the war on world occupant, calling it evil, – so, as well as Armenia. Armenian and Iranian experts’ common anti-solidarity positions on President Ilham Aliyev’s statement that “Azerbaijani flag will wave in Shusha and Khankendi” create such kind of rhetorical question: whom do you associate with Mr.Aladdin Brujerdi? You are responsible for security issues in Iranian parliament. May be on the back of Iran’s regional and international isolation you will see that Azerbaijan’s enemies are Iran’s friends!

- The issue worrying some parliamentarians in Iran is also that, Azerbaijani President is recognized as a leader of world Azerbaijanis and has strong position in Turkic world, in the region. They said it clearly during their speeches…

- Recognition of Azerbaijani President as a leader of world Azerbaijanis is moral-political leadership. Each state assesses main tendencies and challenges in the world and in the region and it is very normal. The states establish their future activities on it, mobilize their nations. Indeed, while some Iranian forces assess this issue, they should assess that Azerbaijan always kept itself far away of the interference in internal policy of neighboring country. Azerbaijan’s attitude toward Iran’s nuclear problem is clear as well. Iranian officials assessed it as significant achievement for relations between the two countries. If all these are taken into consideration, then Iran has not anything to worry about. Address of Azerbaijani President to world Azerbaijanis must not worry anybody. We would not like to see the future of unity of political commentators of Armenia, the country established in historical territories of Azerbaijan, and Iranian experts. Azerbaijani President addresses world Muslims during religious holidays too. So, does it mean that we must worry about it too? Iran shows itself as a defender of Palestinians and other Muslims in the world. Such reactions may create problems for Iran’s future policy. Azerbaijan has showed enough forbearing attitude toward anti-Azerbaijan policy of “Seher” TV channel. As if, this channel functions as a side in internal life of the country. But Azerbaijan has not officially demanded anything from Iran regarding this issue. That is why position of some Iranian forces about the Azerbaijani President’s speech is wrong. Leadership of Azerbaijani President for the world Azerbaijanis is moral and political quality. The future will determine the basic reason of this talk. Others also have a chance to own this moral and political status. But it is the fact that Azerbaijani President has always worked for rapprochement of Turkic world, organizing of Diaspora institutes, defending our political interests in wider area, and creates necessary organizing mechanisms. Can Iranian leaders do it?