World Bank: War in Ukraine will negatively affect Azerbaijan's non-oil exports

World Bank: War in Ukraine will negatively affect Azerbaijan
# 16 March 2022 13:30 (UTC +04:00)

The economy is expected tobe adversely impacted by thewar between Russia and Ukraine through potential loss of market for Azerbaijan’s non-energy exports, access to vital imports, inflation, and the loss of assets, APA-Economics reports citing World Bank.

"While the country’s non-energy exports are relatively small, Russia is the main destination for these exports, accounting for 32 percent of country’s total non-oil/gas sector exports in 2021, or 4 percent of total exports (2.5 percent of GDP). The vast majority of these exports are food products and this trade has picked up significantly in the past five years. While there may be opportunities to expand market share on the Russian market if it closes to other exporters, Russian demand may be driven down by the loss of value of the ruble. On the imports side, the country is reliant on wheat imports from Russia and Ukraine which poses potential risks to food security, especially among the poor. In addition, surging global food prices will add to already elevated domestic food inflation. The war and sanctions will also likely erode the value of Azerbaijani investments in Russia and Ukraine, although these do not represent a significant share of GDP," the statement reads.

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