Azerbaijan's trade turnover with Turkey exceeds pre-pandemic level by 4%

# 29 January 2022 11:40 (UTC +04:00)

Volume of Azerbaijan's trade turnover with Turkey amounted to USD 4,661 bln. last year, which is 12% more in annual comparison, according to calculations of APA-Economics on the basis of report of State Customs Committee.

Volume of trade turnover has exceeded the pre-pandemic level.

Thus, while in 2019, the trade turnover between the two countries amounted to USD 4.509 bln., in 2020, against the background of the pandemic, it decreased by 7.7% to USD 4.161 billion. had fallen. As a result, the figure for 2021 exceeded the pre-pandemic volume by 3.4%.

As for 2021 operations, volume of export from Azerbaijan to Turkey has made up 2,818 bln dollars, while import has made up 1,844 bln dollars. In comparison to the previous year, export has increased by 8,5% and imports by 18%.

As a result, 974,427 mln dollars of the positive balance has occurred in 2021, and this is 5.8% less in annual comparison.

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