At least 2 dead, 1 missing and 4 injured in Italy's factory blast

At least 2 dead, 1 missing and 4 injured in Italy
# 10 July 2014 01:13 (UTC +04:00)

Rescue teams retrieved the burnt remains of two bodies from the rubble of Pirotecnica Paolelli, a family company with one hundred years of history located near the town of Tagliacozzo. The factory was hit by at least four consecutive explosions, according to local newspaper il Centro.

The remains were reported by ANSA news agency to probably belong to the son of the factory owner, Valerio, and to a German technician, while a yet-unidentified person was still though to be missing in the rubble.

Rescuers also saved four people who suffered burns, including the factory owner Sergio Paolelli, who were rushed to a nearby hospital.

According to investigators, nine workers were inside the factory at the time of the explosions. Two of them were unharmed as they were in a part of the building that was not destroyed by the blasts.

The incident happened for unknown reasons and caused a fire which destroyed more than one hectare of brush, with firefighters making frantic efforts to keep the flames under control.

"I was the first to arrive there together with police, and I saw and heard the third explosion," Tagliacozzo Mayor Maurizio Di Marco Testa was quoted as saying by ANSA.

"It seemed like a quake, followed by a big white smoke like that of the atomic bomb," he added.

Other witnesses said the blasts made the ground and their homes shake up to three kilometers away. One of them defined the explosions as a "rumpus" which threw him on the ground.

Another fireworks factory exploded in the same region last year, killing four workers and a firefighter who was hit by one of the explosions which followed the first blast.

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