Belgian Parliament did not permit to screen video depicting atrocities committed by Hamas

Eli Cohen, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel

© APA | Eli Cohen, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel

# 15 November 2023 14:26 (UTC +04:00)

The video depicting the atrocities committed by Hamas during their attack to Southern parts of Israel at October 7 was not permitted to screen in Belgian parliament, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Eli Cohen posted on his X account, APA reports.

“In your decision not to screen in parliament the video depicting the atrocities, the President of the Parliament of Belgium Éliane Tillieux is turning a blind eye to the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Hamas.

This is not a propaganda video, rather it is a film created from footage shot by the terrorists themselves, that shows their indiscriminate slaughter of Israeli civilians.

Turning a blind eye to Hamas’ crimes is tantamount to disregarding Israel's right to defend itself against a terrorist organization that is worse than ISIS.

Hamas is guilty of instigating the war, in which the State of Israel is defending its citizens and is standing at the forefront of the Western world in the face of murderous terrorism,” the Minister said.