Documentary “Genocide: Guba” presented in California – PHOTOSESSION

Documentary “Genocide: Guba” presented in California – <font color=red>PHOTOSESSION </font>
# 24 May 2010 12:21 (UTC +04:00)
The documentary was written and directed by Etibar Mammadov and edited by Kamala Pashayeva. The film’s scientific consultant was Professor Musa Gasimli, chief consultant – member of the Azerbaijani parliament Ganira Pashayeva. The documentary is about the genocide committed by Armenian dashnaks on March 30-31, 1918 in Guba region of Azerbaijan.

The presentation ceremony was organized by the Azerbaijan Society of America. Representatives of the Azerbaijani and Turkish diasporas, Azerbaijan’s Consul General in Los Angeles Elin Suleymanov, Turkey’s Vice Consul in Los Angeles Arif Celik attended the ceremony.

Director General of the Azerbaijani Society of America Cavid Huseynov informed the participants about the historic events described in the film. After the screening of the film, Consul general Elin Suleymanov said a tolerant society existed in Azerbaijan historically and this society never accepted the ethno-central ideology of Dashnaksutyun. “Guba is a region of Azerbaijan where Jewish highlanders are living together with Azerbaijani people. This is an example of tolerance and mutual understanding in the Azerbaijani society”.

Then president of the Assembly of Turkish-American Associations Ergujn Kirlikovali addressed the ceremony. He highly appreciated the work of film producers. He said this film was about one of the crimes committed by the Armenian dashnaks in the Caucasus and Anatolia during the World War I. “It is important to popularize this film among the American scientific and academic circles. It will denounce lying policy of Armenian radicals and make the historic realities clear”.

Editor of the documentary “Genocide: Guba”, director of the Eurasian International Research Institute Kamala Pashayeva addressed the ceremony in the end and spoke about the preparation and production of the film. “Armenian propagandistic machine puts forward lying claims and tries to cover up their vandalism in Anatolia and the Caucasus to realize idea of “great Armenia” cherished by the Armenian radicals. This film aims to make the facts clear with the help of witnesses that to introduce it to the world community”. Kamala Pashayeva thanked all organizations for their support in the production of the film.
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