Ministry hopes UNESCO mission to monitor Azerbaijan's cultural heritage in Armenia

Ministry hopes UNESCO mission to monitor Azerbaijan
# 09 February 2022 11:41 (UTC +04:00)

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan welcomes an agreement, reached on UNESCO's sending a mission to Armenia and Azerbaijan soon, Ministry told APA.

"As it is known, there were rich historical-cultural-religious heritage examples belonging to Azerbaijanis, who lived in the territory of Armenia for centuries. According to statistical information, given in the document entitled "Caucasus calendar for 1870" published by the Russian Viceroyalty of the Caucasus in 1869, there were 269 mosques in the only territory of Yerevan Governorate. Besides mosques, Khan's Palace in Yerevan, Walls of Fortress of Yerevan, in general, numerous hamams, caravanserais, shrines, cemeteries, etc, which existed in the territory of current Armenia, can also be included in the list.

We hope that upcoming mission of the UNESCO will be important for comprehensive study, relevant monitoring, and documentation of heritage, belonging to Azerbaijani people in Armenian territory," noted Ministry.