Liz Sheridan, who played Jerry’s mother on Seinfeld, dies at 93

Liz Sheridan

© APA | Liz Sheridan

# 16 April 2022 10:40 (UTC +04:00)

Jerry Seinfeld has paid tribute to the “nicest TV mom” Liz Sheridan, who has died aged 93, APA reports citing the Guardian.

The US comedian, who starred alongside Sheridan in his eponymous sitcom Seinfeld, said he was lucky to have known the actress.

Sheridan died in her sleep from natural causes, five days after her birthday on 10 April, her friend and long-time representative Amanda Hendon said.

She played Seinfeld’s doting mother Helen in the popular comedy.

“Liz was always the sweetest, nicest TV mom a son could wish for,” Seinfeld wrote on Twitter, sharing a picture of the pair.

“Every time she came on our show it was the coziest feeling for me. So lucky to have known her.”

Sheridan died two weeks after Estelle Harris, who played George’s mother on the show.

As well as her famous role in Seinfeld, Sheridan also had a prolific stage career.

She appeared on Broadway in plays and musicals during the 1970s including Happy End with Meryl Streep and Ballroom.