"I came to the cinema completely randomly..." - Interview with People's Artist Khuraman Gasimova

"I came to the cinema completely randomly..." - Interview with People
# 17 June 2021 13:05 (UTC +04:00)

"I came to the cinema completely randomly. Even though my family has a great interest in the cinema, no one was working in the field of cinema. Neither my parents, nor my sister, nor our close relatives. “Azerbaijanfilm” movie studio has made a statement in 1965 that several new films will be shot. There were “Liftchi Giz” film among them," said Interview of an opera singer, People's Artist Khuraman Gasimova in an interview with APA while answering the question "How did you come to the cinema?".

"Young girls were invited to audition to play the role of Lala, the protagonist of the film. At the same time, a group of employees of the film studio was looking for a young girl for that role. At that time, I was a student of the number 23 secondary school," she said.

"I was among the girls from our school who have been selected. After 2 months of probation, I was approved for playing the role of LALA image in the “Liftchi giz” film. So, I came to the world of cinema. I won a diploma in the “Transcaucasian Film Competition” for my image in the “Lifthci giz”. After that, I was invited for more two films. I was played the image Saida in the film called “Mən ki gözəl deyildim”, and Hijran image in the film called “Həyat bizi sınayır”. I will be able to successful also here. For my image Saida, I was awarded in the “All-Union Film Festival” held in Ukraine," Khuraman Gasimova noted.