Putin: West preparing for active action against Russia since 2014

Vladimir Putin, Russian President

© APA | Vladimir Putin, Russian President

# 30 June 2022 02:58 (UTC +04:00)

The West has been preparing for active action against Russia since 2014, which is not surprising for Russia, said Vladimir Putin, Russian President to reporters after the Caspian summit in Ashgabat, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

"We must approach this as a fact. It is not news to us that they have been preparing for any active action against us since 2014. This explains our decisive steps to protect our interests," Russian President noted.

Putin noted that the United States has long declared Russia a foreign enemy in the face of the threat of uniting its allies. According to him, Iran was not very suitable for this.

"Russia is more appropriate, we have been given such a chance to unite all our allies around us. There is nothing new for us. This confirms what we have always said, that the NATO bloc is a trace of the past, of the Cold War. We have always been told that NATO has changed, and now it is most likely a political union. But everyone, as a military organization, was looking for a reason and an opportunity to give it a new impetus. Come on, they're doing it now. There is nothing new for us, "Putin said.

Speaking about Ukraine and the words heard in the West about the victory on the battlefield, the Russian president said that "at some point, they agreed on something, then they broke off their agreement and apologized for their bad behavior. However, the call for Ukraine to continue military operations and to refrain from further talks only confirms our hypothesis that the goal of the united West and NATO is not to protect the welfare of the Ukrainian people, but to protect their interests.That is, at the hands of the Ukrainians, at the hands of the Ukrainian people, NATO members and leading NATO countries simply want to assert themselves, to assert their role in the world, their imperial ambitions, that's all. What they always say about being an exception and the thesis that "those who are not with us are against us" is a manifestation of the same policy. "