Maria Zakharova: "EU's extension of sanctions against Russia destructive"

Maria Zakharova: "EU
# 05 September 2019 07:06 (UTC +04:00)

EU's extension of sanctions against Russia is devastating and destructive for Brussels, Russian Foreign Ministry's official spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters on Thursday, APA reports citing TASS.

"This is a jaded record. But the farce is that this happens not on the sidelines but instead publicly - they admit that this is destructive and in fact devastating for the European Union itself, which is now dealing with Brexit and other processes," Zakharova said. "Prolonging sanctions against Russia and feeling pressure from Washington, in particular on the issue of energy cooperation with Russia, is counter-productive for the EU itself," she added.

She noted that Russis still considers EU sanctions to be illegitimate. "But it was a decision made by the EU, even though Washington exerted pressure. I think they should answer the question themselves on why they need it and for how long it will continue, and we will not interfere," Zakharova concluded.