Iran's Foreign Ministry says attack on Israel "self-defense" after Damascus strike

# 14 April 2024 04:25 (UTC +04:00)

Iran's Foreign Ministry said the country has responded to what it called “the aggressive act of the Zionist regime against the Iranian embassy in Damascus," APA reports citing CNN.

In a statement released on Telegram, the ministry said Iran’s armed forces were “exercising the inherent right of self-defense stipulated in Article 5 of the United Nations Charter and in response to the repeated military aggressions of the Zionist regime and the martyrdom of the official military advisors of Iran who were working in this country [Syria] at the invitation of the Syrian government” and especially in response to the attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus earlier this month.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran's recourse to defensive measures in exercising the right to self-defense shows Iran's responsible approach to regional and international peace and security at a time when the illegal and genocidal actions by the Zionist apartheid regime against the Palestinian nation and the regime's repeated military aggression…”

The ministry’s statement concluded: “If necessary, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate to take more defensive measures to protect its legitimate interests against any aggressive military actions and illegal use of force.”

Israel did not confirm it carried out the attack in Damascus on April 1, but denied Iran’s claim that the building hit was a consulate, saying it was a “military building of Quds forces.”