Afghan acting Prime Minister calls for Muslim nations to recognise Taliban

Hassan Akhund, Taliban

© APA | Hassan Akhund, Taliban's acting Prime Minister

# 19 January 2022 12:28 (UTC +04:00)

The Taliban's acting Prime Minister Mohammad Hassan Akhund called Wednesday on Muslim nations to be the first to officially recognise the administration that seized power in Afghanistan in August, APA reports citing NDTV.

"I call on Muslim countries to take the lead and recognise us officially. Then I hope we will be able to develop quickly," Akhund told a conference in Kabul to address the country's massive economic crisis.

"We do not want anyone's help. We don't want it for the officials," Akhund said, referring to diplomatic recognition.

"We want it for our public," he said, adding that the Taliban had fulfilled all necessary conditions by restoring peace and security.

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