Death toll rises to two in Egypt's Cairo clashes, 19 injured

Death toll rises to two in Egypt
# 09 March 2013 20:24 (UTC +04:00)

Baku-APA.Two were killed and 14 were injured Saturday in clashes between protesters, rioters and security forces at Qasr al-Nil Bridge near Tahrir Square, while 5 others were injured at a blazing police club in Cairo, Mohamed Sultan, APA reports.

"One was shot dead while the other died of suffocation due to inhaling tear gas," Sultan added.

On Saturday, Cairo was plunged into chaos by a court verdict on the Port Said killings, which reaffirmed earlier death penalty for 21 defendants, sentenced two ex-senior police officers to 15 years in prison and acquitted seven others.

In February 2012, riots erupted following a soccer game in Port Said, where local team supporters beat guest Cairo fans and killed at least 70 of them.

Saturday's verdict not only enraged the 21 defendants' families but also angered members of Ultras Ahlawy, a Cairo-based soccer fan group, who said the punishment was "too light" for the police officers.

The fans set fire to a police club and the nearby headquarters of the Egyptian Football Association in Cairo in response to the " dissatisfactory" verdict.

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