ICRC serves separatism and separatists more than humanism in Garabagh - Azerbaijani MP

Mushfiq Jafarov, Azerbaijani MP

© APA | Mushfiq Jafarov, Azerbaijani MP

# 21 August 2023 14:50 (UTC +04:00)

"International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) serves separatism and separatists more than humanism in Garabagh," Azerbaijani MP, Mushfiq Jafarov told APA.

The member of the parliament said that from the initial years of independence, the government of Azerbaijan has started working on getting clarification on the fate of individuals who have gone missing or taken hostage in the First Garabagh war: “It is the result of this that a lot of our citizens were liberated from captivity during that time”.

According to Mushfiq Jafarov, nevertheless, Armenia, grossly violating the norms of international law, does not fulfill the obligations that fall on itself in the process of clarifying the fate of the people who have been taken captive, hostage, or those who have gone missing: "Evidence and facts are regularly presented to society by the State Commission regarding captured and missing citizens, taken as hostages, that Armenia grossly violates the norms of international law. The fact that Armenia has not provided information on nearly four thousand Azerbaijanis missing in the First Karabakh War alone is clear proof of this. At the same time, the fate of 6 soldiers who went missing in the Patriotic War remains uncertain. The International Committee of the Red Cross also turned a blind eye to all this. Undoubtedly, this fact once again confirms the ICRC's indifferent approach to the lives of our compatriots. Even though 54 soldiers who went missing during the First Karabakh War contacted their families through the ICRC, no information was given about their fate. Also, despite the fact that the ICRC created a DNA database in 2014, it did not do any good for the work of our missing compatriots. All this stems from the ICRC's indifferent approach to the fate of the missing Azerbaijanis."