An Armenian resident of Karabakh, who asked for help, was provided with food and cigarettes, sent from Shusha to Khankendi-VIDEO

An Armenian resident of Karabakh seeking help

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# 08 January 2023 18:01 (UTC +04:00)
A few days ago, a civilian Armenian resident from the area under the temporary control of Russian peacekeepers approached one of the posts of the Azerbaijan Army and asked for help, saying that he was hungry, get cold and wanted a cigarette, APA's correspondent reports from Shusha,.
The Armenian resident of Karabakh was given food and cigarettes and treated with care.
Today in Shusha, where the protest action is held, on the Khankendi-Lachin road, peaceful Armenian resident was sent to Khankendi.
This fact once again demonstrated the humane position of Azerbaijan, the peaceful nature of the action and the fact that the road is open for humanitarian purposes. On the other hand, the request of an Armenian resident for help is an example of the situation in which 25-30 thousand Armenians found themselves who became hostages of Ruben Vardanyan in Karabakh, and proof that their happy life and security depend only on Azerbaijan.