Condoleezza Rice promises Gul to do their best to prevent Armenian genocide bill

Condoleezza Rice promises Gul to do their best to prevent Armenian genocide bill
# 07 February 2007 10:42 (UTC +04:00)
Turkish Foreign Minister warned if lower house of the US Congress approves the bill on alleged Armenian genocide, it will harm the relations between the two countries.
Turkish Minister held a press conference after the meeting.
“We are working shoulder-to-shoulder in Afghanistan and support ensuring stability in Iraq. In this case, approval of this bill against Turkey would ruin everything. I told my counterpart that this step will have a great influence on our relations. No one has the right to harm the relations when we need each other. I am confident that the bill wil not be approved. Otherwise, it will be a shock,� he said.
Condoleezza Rice told her Turkish counterpart they will do their best to prevent this bill.
Abdulla Gul said he is not going to meet with speaker of House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.
“She is devoted to this problem (Armenian problem). So, it will be difficult to talk to her. But I will meet with the people close to her and express our position,� he said.
Turkish Foreign Minister noted that the Turkish government has done its best to hold discussions with Armenians concerning the 1915 events but received no support from the opposite side.
Gul also met with the leaders of a number of Jewish organizations. He asked Jewish lobby to influence co-initiator of the bill on the alleged genocide, Jewish Congressman from California Adam Schiff.
Turkish Minister today is expected to meet with the leader of democrat faction, in majority in the House of Representatives Steny Hoyer, who supports the bill on the alleged genocide and chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Jewish Tom Lantos.
The bill on the alleged genocide can only be included into the House’s agenda only if it is confirmed at this Committee. /APA/