Rene van der Linden: PACE can not make any party agree to a certain key to the NK conflict

Rene van der Linden: PACE can not make any party agree to a certain key to the NK conflict
# 26 January 2007 10:31 (UTC +04:00)
- How do you appreciate the cooperation between the PACE and Azerbaijan?
- Azerbaijan is the member of the Council of Europe for 6 years. I congratulate the Republic of Azerbaijan and its people. The delegation of your country to the PACE is very active. I consider that they should be mediators between the Azerbaijani parliament and the Council of Europe, taking into account important issues discussed here, as well as the importance of Azerbaijan’s fulfilment of all commitments. The report on Azerbaijan will be heard in PACE session in April. The state of political prisoners, press, political opposition in Azerbaijan are among the issues of our concern. Achievement in these issues is very important for Azerbaijan’s development.
- When is Azerbaijan expected to be included in the list of post-monitoring countries?
- I think that the countries under monitoring should be pleased with it. This is a sort of help. If any country has strict commitments and the CE helps to solve them, these countries should be satisfied that they will soon fulfil their commitments.
- The members of Azerbaijani delegation asked to include them in the list of speakers, but they did not make any speech. What is the reason?
- I feel regret. You know that we come together only four times in a year and we have less time to make speeches. This session was dedicated to the rights of children, that is why the discussions were held on this topic. Besides, the discussions on Kosovo problem took much time. If the members of Azerbaijani delegation consider that we made changes to the list, then they should appeal to me in written form. This is very important issue; all countries should be treated in the same level. I can not take a stance to happenings yet, I can only say this kind of fact was not recorded during my chairmanship.
- Though Armenia continues to keep Azerbaijani lands under occupation, your organization does exert pressure on them. But PACE has special resolution…
- We continue to put pressure. We especially direct these pressures on Armenia, but Azerbaijan is also being exerted. The reason is to achieve the settlement of the conflict is very important. This is political issue and we need political will in this issue. I think that the meetings of the presidents were positive enough, unfortunately, the negotiations on the settlement of the conflict remains ineffective. I hope that by the assistance of international organizations the settlement of the conflict will be achieved. /APA/
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