Azeri Diaspora starts a campaign over Washington Post article

Azeri Diaspora starts a campaign over Washington Post article
# 09 July 2011 09:33 (UTC +04:00)
“The Armenian Diaspora is trying to misinterpret the historical facts from its own position”, say concerned Azeri Diaspora members.

The main fact for frustration for the Azeri Diaspora was that the Washington Post has published article in the last two days, that is related to Azerbaijan and its Nagorno-Karabakh region, and the story is very pro-Armenian and doesn’t provide a single opinion from the Azeri side of the conflict.

While some Diaspora members proposed acting for the withdrawal of the Washington Post article from the website, others believe posting pro-Azerbaijani comments and links to the sources of true information might help the readers of WP to understand what the conflict really is about.

The inflammatory article - - misunderstands the key factors of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and its history, said Azeri Diaspora members. A broad discussion has been started on the story’s web-address already and the Diaspora has called upon all of its friends’ to support Azerbaijan’s position and support justice.

“Armenia is quick to blame Azerbaijan and Turkey in providing false information about historical events, but so far we see that on the contrary, it’s Armenians who do so”, said the Diaspora members in Washington DC.
The Diaspora calls on everyone to join the anti-Armenian campaign and tell people the truth.

An article about Nagorno Karabakh was published in the Washington Post on July 7. APA reports that the Moscow correspondent of the newspaper Will Englund visited Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Karabakh region occupied by Armenians and wrote an article about the visit. In his article he used the words “Stepanakert” and “Artsakh” instead of Khankendi and Karabakh, distorted the historical facts.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry blacklisted several journalists, who illegally visited the occupied territories. Assistant editor of the Ekho Moskvi radio Sergei Buntman and correspondent of the Izvestiya Yuri Snegiryov are also among them.