Schools in Iran to fully resume tomorrow

Schools in Iran to fully resume tomorrow
# 03 April 2022 02:24 (UTC +04:00)

The Iranian education ministery has said that all the schools in the country will re-open on Sunday after the end of the Nowruz holidays, APA reports citing Mehr News Agency.

The Spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Sadegh Sattarifard said on Saturday that all the schools across the country will re-open tomorrow as the Covid-19-related restrictions in Iran have been lifted.

The spokesman said that all the schools will have to reopen on Sunday and every student that does not attend the classes will be considered as absent on that day from now on.

This is while, the Iranian health ministry recently said that more than 26 million in Iran have received 3 doses of anti-coronavirus vaccines.

The number of cases with the Covid-19 as well as the daily death toll have been declining from a sixth wave of the contagious disease.

The health ministry only reported 37 death from Covid on Saturday and nearly 1,887 new cases of the infection.

So far, 63,935,082 people have received the first dose, 56,906,191 people have received the second dose, and 26,252,08 people have received the third dose of anti-Coronavirus vaccines, the ministry said on Saturday.

A total 147,093,281 doses of the vaccine have been administered in the country so far.