Israel says there will be 'no limit' on aid volumes into Gaza

Israel says there will be
# 18 November 2023 12:53 (UTC +04:00)

The Israeli military says it will "increase the capacity of humanitarian convoys" carrying aid into Gaza, with "no limitation" on the number of trucks allowed to cross into the territory, APA reports citing BBC.

In a statement, IDF Col Elad Goren says Israel will "increase the capacity of humanitarian convoys and trucks, as long as there is a need".

He says "every list we get from the UN will be delivered" after being checked: "So it's up to the UN to give us those lists and if there is a need for 400 trucks, tomorrow there will be 400 trucks we are not limiting this issue. There is no limitation."

Israel has severely limited aid going in to Gaza since Hamas's attacks on 7 October.

Aid agencies had previously said the minimum number of trucks that would be needed to sustain the civilian population was 100 per day.