2 senior Hamas members killed in Israeli attack in Gaza, IDF claims

2 senior Hamas members killed in Israeli attack in Gaza, IDF claims
# 08 December 2023 00:21 (UTC +04:00)

Two senior Hamas members were killed “a few days ago” in an Israeli attack in Gaza, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed in a statement Thursday, APA reports citing CNN.

Abdel Aziz Rantisi, who IDF says is a senior operative from Hamas’ military intelligence unit, along with another senior member Ahmed Aiush were killed in an attack at Hamas’ central intelligence command center, the military said.

“This command center was responsible for compiling field intelligence from across the Gaza Strip and served as a significant strategic hub for Hamas to direct combat activities, supporting attacks on IDF soldiers,” the statement added.

CNN is reaching out to Hamas about the Israeli military claim.

The IDF didn’t specify the location in Gaza where the two Hamas members were killed.

Israel believes it is having some success removing senior Hamas military operatives, which a senior IDF official discussed with journalists about two weeks ago.

The official said that Israel assessed Hamas’s military wing was made up of 24 battalions — 10 of which had been “hurt significantly” by Israeli strikes since October 7.

Some battalions in the north of the Gaza Strip had lost more than four of their commanders, the official said, representing a loss to those battalions of more than half their senior command.

Among other things, this made it harder for Hamas’ military leadership to issue orders for counterattacks, the official said, because there was increasingly no one available to direct operations.

Replacing commanders in the middle of a war was not possible, the official added.

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