Armed Forces of Azerbaijan responded to Armenia's provocation with decisive revenge operation - Military expert

Adalat Verdiyev, Baku-based military expert

© APA | Adalat Verdiyev, Baku-based military expert

# 13 February 2024 11:46 (UTC +04:00)

The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan responded to the provocation committed by Armenia on February 12, which resulted in the injuring of one of Azerbaijan’s border guards, with revenge operation, said Adalat Verdiyev, a military expert in his statement to APA.

Adalat Verdiyev said that the political and military leadership of Armenia must be sure that not a single Azerbaijani soldier's blood will remain unavenged: “Azerbaijan’s Supreme Commander has repeatedly stated this. Enemy provocations have never gone unanswered, are not and will not be unanswered. The response of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan will be tougher if Armenia does not stop the provocations which it participated in the preparation of the European Union mission.”

"Armenia once and for all should understand that no force can stand behind it. Neither Armenia nor its patrons will be able to realize their dirty intentions. Therefore, Pashinyan should give up political adventures. Otherwise, Armenia will get more painful and painful results," he said.

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