APA’s correspondent accredited in U.S. Department of State

APA’s correspondent accredited in U.S. Department of State
# 14 April 2009 08:24 (UTC +04:00)
According to the official document presented to APA’s correspondent by the center, he has the right to attend briefings in the White House, Department of State, Pentagon and other state bodies.

Alumnus of San Jose State University of California Zaur Hasanov will head APA’s bureau. APA is the first private media accredited in the U.S. Department of State.

Heads of the diplomatic missions in the country expressed their opinion on APA’s opening US bureau. Azerbaijani ambassador to the US Yashar Aliyev said it was a very important event.
“I wish you success. I want this bureau to be very active. Though the capital of the US is small, it is very active and has all-round activity. That’s why, you should try to do the work in time. The question is first of all, White House Administration, Congress, Department of State and Department of Defense. Especially I want to note that APA has a great task now. APA is the only Azerbaijani media outlet operating in Washington. So, you should do you work honorably and responsibly. I wish you success,” he said.

Head of Azerbaijani Permanent Representation to the UN Agshin Mehdiyev said opening of APA’s bureau in Washington would play an important role in spreading information about the US.
“Earlier APA also informed the public about the ongoing processes in the UN, especially when the resolutions on the occupied Azerbaijani territories were being discussed in the 62nd session of the General Assembly. As you know, Azerbaijan has submitted four more documents to the UN Security Council and General Assembly this year. APA was the first to report about it. I hope the agency’s Washington bureau will contribute to Azerbaijanis’ getting regular, unbiased and detailed information about the ongoing processes in the US,” he said.

Azerbaijani Consul General to Los Angeles Elin Suleymanov said opening of APA’s Washington bureau was a positive event.
“APA is a famous and operative news agency in Azerbaijan. The more America-Azerbaijan relations are covered, the more it will favor the bilateral relations. This shows APA’s development and increase of its influence. I hope APA will increase its influence in Azerbaijan and in the entire region by covering the happenings in the US,” he said.

US Embassy Public Affairs Officer Terry Davidson welcomes opening of APA’s Washington bureau.
“The media plays a vital role in helping publics understand the importance of the U.S.-Azerbaijan relationship. The Embassy welcomes the presence of reporters covering this relationship in Washington, and we look forward to working with APA to improve communications between our nations and increase understanding,” he said.
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