Russian MFA comments on return process of former Azerbaijani IDPs

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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# 30 December 2021 15:31 (UTC +04:00)

Official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova has commented at today's briefing on Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's statement on official Yerevan's support to return process of Azerbaijani IDPs to the mountainous part of Karabakh and promise that it will not protest against the right of them to live in villages in the mountainous part of Khankendi and Karabakh, APA's correspondent in Moscow reports.

Russian MFA Official has reminded trilateral statement dated November 9, 2020.

Zakharova has noted as a response addressed to her that it has been reflected in the statement dated November 9, 2020, signed by leaders of three countries.

"A direct citation from Article 7 of the statement: "Internally displaced persons and refugees shall return to the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and adjacent areas under the supervision of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. There is nothing to add to it," MFA official stressed.