President of Azerbaijan thinks for his country and Armenia - Polish political scientist

Jakub Koreyba, Polish political scientist

© APA | Jakub Koreyba, Polish political scientist

# 06 December 2023 17:18 (UTC +04:00)

"You have returned your territories, put an end to the occupation and the abnormal situation in international relations. This is a great victory of the Azerbaijani people, as well as a moral victory," Polish political scientist Jakub Koreyba, who participated in the Forum titled "Karabakh: Back Home After 30 Years. Accomplishments and Challenges" co-organized by ADA University and the Center of Analysis of International Relations, told journalists

Polish political scientist emphasized that this victory is also very important in terms of the principles of international law, which have been continuously violated for 30 years. This is also an important step for strengthening international relations: "Azerbaijan has shown that it is possible to break negative trends and create new, positive trends within the framework of international law, against the background of mutually beneficial cooperation. And those who participated in the conference today also understand that processes important for the whole world are taking place in Azerbaijan. This once again shows that even the most complex issues can be solved where there is political will first. We see this political will in President Ilham Aliyev."

According to the political scientist, in 30 years, Azerbaijan has achieved multi-faceted development in other fields in addition to army building: "As a political scientist, I highly appreciate Azerbaijan's strategic restraint. It is very difficult to live with the idea that 20 percent of its territory is under occupation. To choose the appropriate moment, political restraint is essential. We see how some countries make mistakes. For example, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia made mistakes in this sense, we all remember. Azerbaijan managed to take the right steps in the right direction. Both the President of Azerbaijan and those around him know that the term "time matters" is true, and President Ilham Aliyev chose an ideal time.

Yakub Koreyba noted that President Ilham Aliyev is closely interested in what is happening in the international world: "All questions presented by experts were answered. We have once again witnessed that the President of Azerbaijan, in addition to having deep knowledge of international relations, follows daily events and deepens his knowledge. It is clear from here that the success of the country led by him mainly originates, and I congratulate the people of Azerbaijan on having such a leader. The president himself noted that such conferences are of great importance to him. I was very pleased with the answers I received to my questions today, it was a unique experience. I have participated in meetings with many world leaders, high-ranking officials, and politicians. Many of them are closed, do not answer most of the questions and in many cases avoid the questions. Today, President Ilham Aliyev answered all the questions, including mine, in detail. I asked about regional integration.

In his reply, the President stated that Azerbaijan sees regional integration and cooperation of the South Caucasus with other regions as one of the factors required to ensure peace and tranquility in the South Caucasus. Ilham Aliyev noted that we are stronger together than separately. For example, when we sit down at the negotiating table with the USA, China, Russia, and Europe, we are stronger together with Georgia than each country separately. The President also noted that relations with Georgia are being further developed, negotiations on several projects are underway and some projects are being implemented. Ilham Aliyev also emphasized that Azerbaijan is ready for cooperation with Armenia after the signing of the peace agreement. If the Armenian side, the current or future leadership of that country does not create artificial obstacles for the process to happen, Azerbaijan and Georgia are ready to open the door to Armenia in the process of regional integration. This is in Armenia's interests, because friendly countries and neighbors are in this region, but "big brothers" like France and Russia are far away. The most logical thing for Armenia is to look for friends nearby. In this context, I can say that the President of Azerbaijan thinks for his country and Armenia in terms of strategic thinking and national interests, because I have never heard a more logical opinion from any of the Armenian politicians than the opinion expressed by the leader of Azerbaijan."

Yakub Koreyba also pointed out that they visited Zangilan: "Zangilan is a unique place. The visit to Zangilan was very important for every expert who participated in the conference. You know that about 60 experts from 30 different countries of the world went to Zangilan. Among them were experts from India, Argentina, the US, and other countries. Look how much motivation a person must have to get on a plane from the USA or Argentina and go to Zangilan. This means that a very important process is going on in Zangilan and other liberated areas, not only for Azerbaijan but for the world in general."

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