Azerbaijani MP in Yerevan raises issue of missing people from I Karabakh War

Soltan Mammadov,  Deputy of Azerbaijani Parliament

© APA | Soltan Mammadov, Deputy of Azerbaijani Parliament

# 22 February 2022 11:22 (UTC +04:00)

"Azerbaijan's current position is in accordance with all international laws and human rights," said Deputy of Azerbaijani Parliament Soltan Mammadov, who participates in the Parliamentary Assembly of EURONEST in Yerevan as a response to charges of Armenian MP, APA reports.

According to him, the Karabakh conflict was resolved within the framework of international law and Azerbaijan's internationally-recognized borders: "I am glad to repeat once more that the conflict has already ended and we bring new realities, new geopolitical realities to the region. All international organizations note the importance of bringing cooperation to the region. Europe also supports regional cooperation. We are satisfied to try for bringing peace to the region by using all international platforms."

Soltan Mammadov noted that the visit of MPs of the Azerbaijani Parliament to Armenia is a sign that relations between the two countries begin to warm.

The MP has said in a reply to the accusations of the Armenian representatives regarding the detainees that Azerbaijan has handed over all hostages to Armenia right after the war: "When it comes to the detainees and accusations regarding the cultural heritage monuments in the liberated territories, I want to mention that all hostages have been returned to Armenia immediately after the war. Those currently being discussed for return to Armenia are those detained after the war. This is in line with all international rules and laws," said Soltan Mammadov.

The MP has mentioned that about 4 thousand Azerbaijanis have gone missing during the First Karabakh war and there is no information about any of them.